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Churches…To Tweet Or Not To Tweet

A friend asked me this evening what I thought about churches having Twitter accounts. They were worried about questions like: Do you follow everyone back? Does it look bad if you follow someone that posts inappropriate stuff? Or follow someone that has an inappropriate profile photo? Does it turn people off if you don’t follow […]

Thrice – “Come All You Weary”

I wasn’t familiar with this group, and a past professor of mine just shared this video on his Facebook page. The band is called Thrice. They’re not a “Christian” band, but have some really nice lyrics with some Christian themed overtones for sure. You can visit the Thrice band website and follow Thrice on Twitter. […]

This Week’s Tweets for 2010-03-21

@6stringhero Yeah, my fault.Got you confused with another person. If you ever do though, let me know! =) in reply to 6stringhero # Powered by Twitter Tools

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