It’s that time again!!!  Please POST any song or drama ideas you may have pertaining our upcoming series titled BLING!Below, is the outline for each week, so look over it and let us know your thoughts! 

January 6:  Bling: Luke 12:15 Parable of the Rich Fool
    Theme:  his foolishness was he never thought of God, only of himself;
                 he was consumed with his own self worth, security and satisfaction. 

January 13: Bling: Luke 14:28 Parable of building a tower
     What leads to financial collapse? Laziness, greed for stuff, lack of a financial plan;   
                  (10-10-80)tithing, saving, spending 
January 20: Bling:  Luke 6:38 Jesus teaching on giving and receiving
     Theme:  we are blessed when we give
January 27:  Bling: Luke 16:19 Parable of rich man and Lazarus
                   What happens 5 minutes after we die?
                   We are wide awake; we will either be filled with
                   regret or gratitude; we will reflect on life with clarity. 


  1. Here are some song ideas:

    "Million Dollar Man" – Kutless (he's got everything he wants but what he wants is what he had)
    "Gone" – Jack Johnson – (look at all the things and bling..everything will be gone)
    "What Good" – Third Day (rich young man…can't get to heaven on the things you've bought/got…what good is it to gain the whole world and forfeit your soul?)
    "Treasures in Heaven" – Burlap to Cashmere (store up treasures in heaven)
    "Two Sets of Jones'" – Big Tent Revival (two couples – one builds on sand, the other rock)
    "I'll Give" – Small Town Poets (i'll give and hold nothing back)
    "Beyond Measure" – Jeremy Camp (i've been given more than earthly treasure)
    "Strong Tower" – Kutless (my strong tower, fortress when i'm weak)
    "Cornerstone" – Day of Fire (all other ground is sinking sand, cornerstone, fortress, foundation)

  2. Derek Webb has "Rich Man, Young Ruler". Switchfoot's "Gone" would be good too. "Two Sets of Jones" by BTR is a great suggestion by Dustin.

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