Seeing that we’ve added some new functionality to the site and getting more people signed up and reading, it’s probably a good time to try and answer any questions you all may have for using the site. To begin answering those questions, I’ll start off with some questions of my own that will hopefully inspire you all to think of some of your own to ask me.

Did you know you can each start writing your own posts on the site? I’d really like to build some online community between each of us through the site. So, if you’ve got a thought or an idea in your head about something we’ve done or would like to do, feel free to share it here. Even if it’s not directly related to re:Fresh, but thought provoking and inspiring, feel free to share that here as well. I would like to avoid sharing the forwarded e-mails and that type of thing unless you really believe it’s something that’s pertinent and applies to what we’re trying to accomplish.

Did you know you can subscribe to updates on the so you don’t always have to remember to come back and check for updates? There’s a functionality called RSS subscriptions that allows your e-mail or “reader” application to get automatic updates of new posts and/or comments on the site. If you know what Bloglines, MyYahoo, or Google Reader are then you probably know you can click on the Feedburner graphic link in the sidebar and add the site subscription to your favorites. I’ll be adding an option after this post to let people subscribe to updates via e-mail as well.

There’s three questions for you. What questions do you have? Let me know in the comments and we’ll get this thing rolling a little faster.

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