The church video streaming industry has been around for years and it provides live church service streaming over the Internet. The viewers can watch a church service simultaneously when they are homebound or traveling to different parts of the world. The feed is available at sites like YouTube and the church’s website.

The industry started after a company broadcast holiday services from a religious site in Jerusalem almost ten years ago. This created a benchmark for streaming services. Streaming church services must be effective and easy to use for the providers and the church members alike. As a representation of an actual church service, a typical streaming video service requires a quality live video feed, a viewing screen on the church website, the ability to tune in on mobile devices and compatibility with most streaming software.

Many churches start with a professional service after suppliers offer it free as an introduction. The packages available are affordable because of the competition in the industry. There may be advertising income from the streaming, or the service can offer the streaming to the church ad-free as an incentive. The more features the stream allows, the better. For example, if a service includes a chat feature, it increases the appeal to the customer.

Churches have found that the streaming services keep their congregation members connected to the church when they can’t be there. For example, a hospitalized church member can tune in to the live service while in the hospital bed with a tablet or laptop, and streaming technology provided by companies like ChurchStreaming.TV. In the imagination of the church service providers, it opens up an opportunity to experiment with content. For more information on providers, click here.

Many churches have used the services for close to ten years and have become aware of the different packages offered by services. They have developed criteria and expect certain services, and they switch providers if they are not happy. Churches distribute Roku boxes to nursing homes and other places and get the church services to people that way. They intend to broadcast bible study group material, communicate church announcements and share special occasions like weddings or christenings through their streaming services.

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