1. My first thought would be something like a couple of holes in the cardboard to loop the string through… Or if some kind of bracket could be attached to the back of the card board. (My actual first thought was a staple gun, but I'm pretty sure that wouldn't work in the cardboard because I think the staple would eventually pull out)

    Between the two option you mentioned i'd like to see the hot glue idea work…

    I'm thinking maybe you should combine two methods (i.e. a few staples, and some hot glue)

    Those are my thoughts, but I Think punching some kind of hole in the thing would make it more stable, but may take away from the visual appeal.


  2. Yeah, I'm leaning towards the hot glue idea. We wanted to try and avoid stringing the string in front of the panels. Of course there would be nothing easier than just tacking them to the wall, but then we lose some depth and shadow that we get by hanging them from two different bars.

  3. I am happy to inform you that the signs are back up! Please pray that they stay up!!! Jim and I hung them today (Wednesday). We attached a piece of wood to the back and eye hooks and knotted the twine around the eye hooks–Let's hope gravity doesn't suck the life out of this project!!!

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