1. Jason,

    I like a lot of what you have written (because much accords with THE Truth). Biblically, you are helpful when you wrote (in different words, of course):

    1. Primacy must be upon following God’s revealed will. God has told us what to do to please Him, draw near to Him, etc. Find all of the phrases this is “the will of God” or “God’s will” and one will have clear, explicit directions.

    2. When one follows God’s revealed will, one is free to make decisions in God’s unrevealed will(e.g., whom should I marry).

    3. If one does not follow God’s revealed will, one has not warrant to believe they have any idea of God’s unrevealed will (e.g., if one is engaging in pre-marital physical intimacy, one cannot say with any confidence that “It is God’s will that I marry this gal.”).

    4. Comfort and ease do not equal obedience and more than suffering necessarily means sin. Jesus followed God perfectly and suffered unimaginably.

    There where some rough spots as well (not to worry, even Calvin might have been wrong on a few things).

    1. One must not live by feelings. “Feelings” of peace do not equate to obedience. It is possible to be self-deceived (indeed, the nature of deception is not know one is being deceived). Feelings are not sure guides.

    2. Obedience is the path to peace. If one is obedient to the revealed will of God there should be peace (even in storms). You must please God…then do what you want…but you must please God first in objective truth before one can be confident that their subjective peace is in concert with God’s will.

    10,000 Blessings in The Wonderful Counselor,

  2. Author

    Jim, thanks for the feedback. As usual, your knowledge and insight of the scriptures and faith issues is always helpful and useful.

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