I’m not really a big blogger (like Jason) so I don’t have my own blog, but If I did this is something I would blog about.  So pardon a non-reFresh related post but I wanted to share.

Well it is time for the Sudduth family to renew their license plates and so I headed over to BMV Express as always (Doing something online is my normal solution to most things…  Who visit’s physical stores anyway?;))
Anyways, as it turns out 43 plates are available online, but the following is posted on the BMV site: “Please note that new license plates introduced this year can only be obtained at a license branch. This includes the “In God We Trust” and “Support Our Troops” license plates. License plates introduced this year should be available for online renewal next year.”
How much of a pain is that?   So now I can stick with the basic plate or go to the License Branch… We have decided we will take the trip to the license branch…  even though it is irritating!
Maybe this is just a test to see if people really want the “In God We Trust” plate?  I mean it is not a technical limitation…  They just have to add an option to a drop down menu…  a simple line or two of code!.  My theory is if you make it inconvenient to get this plate, but it still is popular then they know it is something the public wants.

Anyways, sorry for my ramblings but I wanted to get my $0.02 out there!  Thanks for listening :)

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  1. I am not much of a blogger either. Truth be known, this is my first attempt. I must admit that I stumbled onto the blog section by accident. Since time is such a precious commodity, I devote all my time at this site for music prep for worship (print, download tunes and practice guitar and vocals). The "In God We Trust" blog submitted by Aaron was very interesting, especially his revelation that the plate is not easily available on-line.

    I need to renew mine soon, and have been thinking about geting one, however I have noticed some drivers who have the plate are not what I would consider a good witness to our Lord. All the more reason to get one! Walk across the room, DRIVE ACROSS THE COUNTRY….Let your light shine!

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