Hey everyone.

I’m planning to produce a monthly podcast called “Live Poets Society”. This podcast will be targeted mainly to artists and artists who are Christians. I am praying that this will be a tool that all of you can use to point friends to (especially artistic friends) to hear relevant topics (both artistic and spiritual) discussed. I NEED your input and suggestions for topics, for interviewees and questions to address in the program that would be relevant to artists not yet connected to Christ.

I plan to make this both humorous and poignant. I would also like to include in this format a way to feature art with the listeners – links to visual art, original music that people want to share (“live” or in mp3 or CD format), poetry, links to cool literature, etc. (kind of a “Dead Poets Society” vibe) and maybe a monthly art tip (ie how to record guitar, how to paint like Monet, how to dance like Natalee, links to cool sites that help you build skills in your area of expression, etc.) The show will probably be 20 to 30 minutes long.

So, bring on the ideas. This has been on my heart for several months. I have created a music bed to lead in and out of the program and will soon do all of the steps to actually record and publish this.


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