Only a few more weeks until Third Day’s newest album releases to the public. Chronology Vol. 2 will be available on Tuesday, August 7th.

With the title “Chronology” there’s obviously some purpose and reason behind the album. The Chronology albums are collections of all the greatest Third Day songs in their career.

  1. Chronology Vol. 1 = 1st 5 years
  2. Chronology Vol. 2 = Last 5 years

Third Day is one of my favorite groups to go see in concert. They just instill such a spirit of worship with their music, but they don’t have any problems cranking it up and rocking it out here and there as well.

I saw them in Cincinnati a few years ago on their Wire tour and it was a great concert. They were there with tobyMac and another hard core metal group I can’t think of the name of right now.

Did you know you can go to Third Day’s website and listed to their radio station and here a compilation of everything or select individual playlists of their various albums and other collections.

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