1. Some song ideas for the Compassion series:

    "Cut" Plumb
    "Let That Be Enough" Switchfoot
    "Pour Your Love Down" Audio Adrenaline
    "Carried Me" Jeremy Camp
    "Dig" Incubus

  2. Drama idea for 11/18:

    Woman sitting at a park bench, eating her lunch. She is joined by a 2nd, a stranger. The 2nd sneezes and the 1st immediately searches for a tissue. It is received with kindness. A few bites go by; 2nd woman is obviously trying to peer into 1st purse. 2nd comments about how her lunch made her breath really bad. 1st offers gum. (2nd peers deeper into her purse.)It is again received with thanks. 2nd say, "My hands have been so very dry this fall. I happend to notice you have some lotion in your bag. Would you mind sharing?" 1st, obviously annoyed, digs it out & presents it with a forced smile. 2nd continues that her lips are chapped…1st dumps her purse into 2nds lap and stomps away.

  3. Alternate 11/18 suggestion from Jason Bean

    Drama spoof on the SNL I.T. Guy.
    We play up the overly needy person as the "dumb" co-worker that cannot do anything by his/herself.

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