I just stumbled across this article that talks about a university study that was researching the proliferation of drugs and alcohol as mentioned in songs across genres.

Less interesting to me than the facts of the study, that basically drugs are mentioned a lot in popular music these days, was the comment made by the writer of this particular post.

The study, lead by Dr. Brian Primack, showed that some genres of music contained more drug and partying references than others. Rap music, for example, is almost a complete wasteoid, being high or drunk 77% of the time, while Country is only mildly out of control, being off the wagon 36% of the time. Twenty percent of R&B/Hip-Hop songs were not ok to drive, while a disappointing 14% of Rock songs and 9% of Pop songs were the loud guy at the party. Not mentioned in the report was Christian music, since in that case it’s the audience that is on something.

Now I’ll agree there are some people out there that make Christians as a whole look pretty stupid, but comments like this just make me question the general consensus that Christians are the most intolerant people on the planet.

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