1. My favorite Christmas memory has to be from when I was like 12 or 13… when I was younger me and my brother and sister always woke up really really early in the morning on Christmas morning to open our presents and would run into my parents' bedroom and shake them awake. Well I got over waking up at 4 a.m. when I was about 12, so my dad decided to get revenge when he came home at around 3 in the morning on Christmas, and he ran into all of our bedrooms and screamed us awake. Definitely one of my favorite Christmas stories.

  2. One of my favorite Christmas memories is the Christmas I got my pet dog Libby :) She was a surprise and I love her a bunch!!

  3. My favorite Christmas memory was when I was eight years old and my sister and I woke up super early on Christmas morning and ripped into all of our presents. <3 I got a doll house that year, I believe, and a ton of other things!

  4. One of my favorite Christmas's was when my parents waited until the christmas eve to wrap most of the presents, and told us that what we had under the tree was all we were getting. We woke up the next morning and we couldnt see the floor around the tree and were so excited.

  5. I remember several Christmas mornings. My brother and I did not want to stop playing with our new toys long enough to eat breakfast. One Christmas I wanted a brides doll so bad. The year before I did not get the doll so the next year I asked Santa Claus again. Well I checked all my gifts under the tree on Christmas morning and there was no brides doll. My mother asked me what that was over next to the chair. I looked and there was my beautiful brides doll all dressed in white. I was thrilled.

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