Mark the date.  October 16 & 17 we will be attending the seminar4worship at Lakeview Church in Indianapolis.  The event is all day on Thursday and ends at noon on Friday.  I would like for as many of us as possible to attend together as it will be a great opportunity for training, development, equipping, and worship.  If we can get 15 to attend the cost will be $150 per person.  There are also intensive pre-conference labs that are optional.  These will concentrate on your specific instrument. (guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, vocal)  There is also a pre-conference lab for audio excellence, one for creating an environment in the room, and one for worship leading/songwriting.  Those are $79 per person and they run all day on Wednesday the 15th.  Please consider attending and investing in your gift and in your ministry at Stones Crossing.  We need to register by August 29th.  Contact Jarret for more information or go to the conference website.

The website is

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  1. HOT OFF THE PRESS – a new course has been added to the October Seminars4Worship Conference entitled "How to Read a Calendar". This is intended for date-challenged worship leaders (i.e. Jarrett) who need help creating an accurate schedule. (LOL)

    I attended one of these conferences at Lakeview in 2004. Without a doubt it has been one of the five most influential experiences of my worship team and musical life. I find myself repeating the concepts I learned over and over. If any of you have had a musical/arranging/producing discussion with me you have heard some of these things.

    I STRONGLY RECOMMEND EVERYONE ON THE WORSHIP TEAM ATTEND. You will have the opportunity to hear ideas, concepts, experiences, etc. from some great contemporary worship leaders and team members. You will never regret it and we will grow in untold ways both individually and collectively as a worship team.

    Feel free to ask me about my experience any time.


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