Lots of adults didn’t learn how to play a musical instrument in school and when they grow up they regret it. If you’re reading this you might be one of them. Do you finally want to become the rock star you’ve always admired? Do you want to learn how to play beautiful music? You’re lucky because there is still time to learn. It’s never too late to pick up an instrument for the very first time, but I must warn you it’s not easy. If you want to maximize your chances of succeeding you should pay close attention to the following tips. Choose an instrumentRead More →

Learning how to embrace the teachings of God is no easy fete. Sadly, there are many false teachings out there that promise a dramatic transition in the quality of life of those who commit to this spiritual path. The expectations of financial comfort, happiness and even personal peace can lead to gross disappointment if there is no solid investment in studying the true word of God. The Bible states a number of times that those who follow in its many truths will be subject to ridicule, poverty and discomfort in this world, but that there is assured peace, riches and joy in the world toRead More →

Telling the Truth in Love Over time, I have heard many people (even me!) say that it is their obligation, as people of integrity, to tell the truth and to declare the truth, especially when truth runs the risk of being ignored. To many, keeping silent may be tantamount to disobedience to God and turning their backs on what they believe. It is possible that I was one of those people, at one time, having been surrounded and immersed in this teaching. So, I do understand where the belief and the thinking come from, at the core. I also have the advantage of not havingRead More →

Here’s a guest post from someone that shares their experience interacting with a church during a special event, with their pastor and some of their members. I encourage you to read through the entire post and let me know what you think at the end. —– Much to our delight, he came to greet us. He was so friendly that, for a moment, I thought maybe we should attend his church. He was so gregarious and charming. I realize that isn’t what one should look for, necessarily, and certainly not singularly, in a pastor of a church, but it certainly helps. Just moments before, itRead More →