1. Looking for a truck 2 or 4 wheel drive under 140000 miles no rust needs to be at least a 1/2 ton to pull trailer I work in ministry oblong childrens home.

  2. I am a clergy looking looking for support to get a Toyota for missionary and pastoral in rural and poor community in Kenya Thanks.

  3. My daughter is going to college I’m a single mom we were in full time ministry but bad times fell or us she’s a straight A student honor graduate honors Society I just want to feel safe when she goes off to college

  4. With Wycliffe Bible Translators and need a car to use while in the Chicago area.

    Am thinking of buying.

  5. Greetings from the Philippines. I am a pastor from the Philippines ministering in an Independent Church and do mission work to urban place in the Philippines particularly in mindanao. I am praying for a partner organization or I can work with this organization to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to our fellow filipino brethren. I am praying for a car even a small van where we can reach places God wants us to go for evangelistic crusade and revivals.

  6. Dear Sirs,

    My name is Pastor Darryl Webb. I am submitting information about my wife and I and about our ministry. We became Christians in 1973 in Spokane Washington. We joined our church and served in and under our church for over 35 years. In the church we served in all areas of the church including evangelism, children’s ministry prison ministry home group leaders and Associate Pastors. We have 5 children and 11 grandchildren.

    After serving 14 years in the church God opened a door for my wife and I to go to Japan and serve as pastors. We ministered in Japan and to every continent in the world. All our kids were grown and had families of their own, so it was a great time to go. We spent 13 years in Japan under our church. Most of our kids came to Japan and visited us. One of the greatest things we did was adopt our 5th child and 4th daughter when she was just one month old. I was 50 and my wife was 49.

    We named her Kiana, and she has been the greatest blessing in our life. She is and always has been an on-fire Christian. She is on staff at a church near us after completing her master’s degree she is head of the church communications and in the lead key board player and her and her husband both are on the team and minister with the youth.

    We came here to Lake Mary to plant churches. We have a small one we are working on, and I work with a bible school. I do a bit of consulting work at least I did. We have had some big physical things that have come up in our life. My wife has been declared disabled because of a variety of issues. She was primarily over the consulting work.

    I had an event about 1 ½ years ago that put me in the Hospital and since I have been to over 14 Drs. They have finally diagnosed me with early-stage Parkinson’s. The last few months I have been via Drs learning how to cope with the advancing condition. It has really limited now what I can do in my earning abilty. I have added documents concerning that.

    Because of the Pandemic and then this condition we have really been hurt financially We lost our good car as I just could not keep up on the payments. We have a 2003 Tribute that we have put a lot of money in over the years and its Ok for in town no where else. We are applying with you to see if we can somehow get a car donation/ we are a 501c3 and I can give a tax credit for a donation. Between my wife and I we are going to Drs almost every week.


    Pastor Darryl Webb
    The Light House
    321 274 7367

  7. Greetings,i would like to thank you for the good work you are doing in the kingdom of GOD.I am pastor Emmanuel Kuta in kenya of hope and light christ ministries.I do open air meeting,school ministry,hospital missions,reachings interior parts of africa,but i face difficult as i lack means of transport.Irequest your support for acar.

  8. I am a Ordained and Evangelist since 2003 is need a vehicle to go to hospitals and nursing homes pick up food for church shopping. My family is an hour and 10 minutes from where I live here in Atlanta both daughters on the southside and one up in Loganville, God showed me to check Christ for cars ,. I heard about it over 10 years ago at that time I had my car it’s been over a year now going on two years and I’m in dire need ! to God he’ll get the glory in the end, please consider me in Jesus name Amen! Be richly Blessed .

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