1. From the band's Brothers From Different Mothers VHS: Hokus Pick is an expression of surprise. For example, "Hokus Pick! Don't sneak up on me like that!"
    I have been a fan of the band for years, so much so that my standard online handle is hokusman. I have all the bands CDs and their two independently released cassettes. Also had a signed press photo from the Super Duper era. I would love it if the band would reunite, but am grateful for all the music they have given us I've the years.

  2. hey, I remember them well… used to see them (hokus) all the time. Thanks for posting this story… How’s it going ‘hokusman’?

  3. Thought you might like to know that Matt, the guitar player in Hokus Pick recently released a solo record that he made with Don Chaffer of Waterdeep. Check it out at http://www.mattpierrot.com

  4. Hey, I’m super late to this party!!
    I remember hokus pick!!
    Thanks for this post. It made my day.
    Here’s to some new hokus pick in 2021!!

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