Hey everyone,

Our next meeting is scheduled for tomorrow night @ CSC @ 7pm. According to my preaching schedule Feb 4, 11, 18 are all blank so we will have to pray to be super creative. So bring your ipods, your CDs and whatever resources you have and we will go from there.

We will probably be looking at the Capital Campaign as well so I will bring the large post-its from our initial discussions.

And we must get an Easter planning meeting on the Calendar. Scott has some possible directions for Easter in mind so this should help get the creative juices going.

I hope you all have noticed how people are participating more and more. This is great and I believe a direct result of this team’s
prayerful programming. Two of our top aims for ’07 are “to increase the emotional response of our congregation during services” and
“increase creativity of worship services for greater participation”. You all are a huge part of this so keep praying and processing
through this grid.

I will bring copies of songs in my files as well since my role as player/coach is ”coach” heavy right now. The new PA will go online soon then we are planning to take our approach to lighting to the next level. In addition, the projectors are going to be serviced in February as as to get the images square and filling the screens. Will also are about to create thousands of bricks for the capital campaign kicking off at the end of February. All that said bring new song ideas too but when we can find a strong song from our library that would be helpful. Also, Jarret has been creating some of the new worship song charts which is a great help.

Pray too for the next two weekends as we present our ministry in the lobby to our entire church. Pray that God brings us the people needed that are not on our team now – especially needed are videographers, editors and computer graphics creators.

That’s all for now. You are an awesome group of Christian artists and I’m privileged to serve with you.

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