Kevin Olusola Performs “Beautiful Things” with Gungor Band

I’ve got to admit, I’ve become addicted to just about any sound that comes out of the mouth or from the hands of Kevin Olusola. Every now and then I’ll sink a few minutes trolling around YouTube or the web for just about anything I can find with him performing. A couple of weeks ago I found this video of him performing after church with a friend of his doing some freestyle rap. Then this evening, I stumble across a video of him performing the song “Beautiful Things” with the Gungor Band. I’ve loved this song ever since we performed it as a special during one of our worship services at our church.

This video was recorded during the same time that Kevin was performing with the group Pentatonix on NBC’s “The Sing-off“.

Also in addition to finding this video, I also discovered in another video that he’s a Kentucky boy like myself. He grew up in Owensboro, KY, which is just about 60 miles northwest of where I consider my hometown of Morgantown, KY. Yeah, Owensboro… which reminds me, one of these days I’m going pack my family up in the car and drive south just to go there and eat a meal at Moonlite Bar-B-Q.

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