Here’s a great story from Christianity Today on blogging and the interent if you’re new to this whole thing. For a quick quote in the article:

The very notion of a blog (originally a “web log”) is that of a diary, a periodic account of what’s happening in someone’s life or someone’s mind, which is why one of the most delightful sites to emerge from this new technology is the one that posts, in classic blog format—even with comments, though they are called “annotations”—the diary of that great observer of 17th-century social life, Samuel Pepys (, and yes, it has an rss feed). No one seems to be willing to chew over even a very substantive blog post for very long: instead, we want new ones. Otherwise our rss readers won’t have anything to tell us, will they?

Be sure and read the whole thing! It’s a great review.

Thanks to a friend of mine for sharing it with me.

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