1. I read the article and I have mixed feelings about the subject of Hollywood just being ignorant of Christians. The writer being interviewed makes mention of characters of faith on shows like Dexter,Damages, and Friday Night Lights. He seems to be okay with the fact they are inaccurate portrayals of real Christians. He gives the excuse of “at least they are there.” To me it seems like more of a mockery. These shows are blatantly worldly and then they have a goofy “christian” who ends up compromising their faith anyway. To me it is a mockery and I am not satisfied with a character of faith just being there. I do not discount the mans facts. He is a Hollywood writer and I am not. And I agree with loving his co-workers and praying for them because that is what they need. But what he calls a change in the industry, I call a mockery. I don’t believe that Hollywood is ignorant of Christianity either. If you can make a movie about magic, devil worship, put voodoo in children’s movies, and have teenagers having sex on prime time television then that means Hollywood is not ignorant of the Truth (Jesus Christ). How can know about everything else and not know about Christianity? This interview was an attempt to get Christians to give Hollywood a pass for not promoting Christ.

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    Mr. Ray, thanks for your comment. Those are good thoughts and I've found myself feeling the same way many times. Whenever I see someone profess to be a Christian on TV, I begin thinking how they're going to make us all look like we're complete idiots. Whether they be "cast" as a Christian, or perhaps proclaim their Christianity as a contestant on a reality TV show.

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