Hey everyone,

Here are some thoughts as continue to use our re:fresh “blog-o-shpere”:

1- everyone thank Jason Bean for his hard work in putting this together

2. – Let’s be sure that, since this is very public, we use this tool in an uplifting way – as a positive tool and not as a tool to gripe (I say this proactively since this is how we are already behaving) in other words – let’s honor God and love each other

3. – Let’s get the word out and train our team to use this tool as well as our website – eventually I would like to see all of our music and audio reference files (pdf and mp3) be downloadable (password protected) from our site so all the musicians can grab their music and mp3s from the site thus all but eliminating the need for lots of cd’s and photo copies

4. – thanks for all you guys bring to this ministry!

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  1. Dave, a question on our license to post MP3's and the like on the site. Do we have it? Are we legally fail-proof on even making the CD copies each week for everyone?

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